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We are an award-winning and leading branding and design agency based in Calicut, Kerala with over a quarter century of combined experience in branding and design. Water boasts a vibrant pool of talented and experienced designers, illustrators, ad filmmakers, copywriters, marketing & brand strategists, digital marketing experts and web designers.

Water is one of Kerala's leading brand and business communication consulting firms, renowned for offering top-tier brand strategy, 360° brand consultancy services and innovative branding solutions to create future-ready brands. No wonder we have been a reliable, trustworthy, and competent partner to numerous reputed national and regional brands including Malabar Gold & Diamonds and Popees Babycare.

Our comprehensive services include strategy, creative design and digital marketing. Our core strength lies in our thought leadership, backed by a team of highly skilled experts with extensive experience.

Why Water?

Here are just a few of the countless reasons to choose us:
Fresh ideas.
Pure Thoughts

Conventional is good, but unconventional is phenomenal. Water thrives on fresh thinking and unconventional ideas that leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of the audience.

Power of 360-Degree

When done right, 360-degree advertising can take your brand places it could never reach otherwise. As a full-service agency, our greatest strength is our ability to think across all media, offering you the best combination of traditional, digital and experiential campaigns that succeed in the marketplace.

Most experienced
branding agency in Calicut

With over a quarter-century of combined experience, Water stands as the most experienced branding agency in Calicut, ensuring seasoned expertise and strategic insight for your brand.


Water is celebrated with three Pepper Awards for design excellence and video ad production, in addition to a national award for printing production excellence. Our logo was also honored as the best among advertising company logos worldwide by DesignRush.com, an esteemed American B2B platform.

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